Models Wanted

We at are looking for talented 18 years or older, female models to shot for us!

What we offer:

-We will set up a new Merchant Account for you
We use CCBill as our main payment processor, where you can track your sales and traffic!

-We give you an unlimited Hosting Account
We provide you enough space (unlimited space) on our dedicated servers

-We give you the Domain
You choose a domain and we will set it up for you and do all the necessary settings needed

-We will set up our very own CMS (Content Management System)
After years of working with WordPress as our main CMS, we’ve developed a brand new system made especially for Adult Paysites. It has literally tons of functions, such as thumbnail creation, video thumbnail creation, writer panel etc to make your life easier and make the updates faster!

-We will design your site!
No matter if you tell us what you want, or submit a PSD / JPG of your wish and we will make it for you, free of charge

-We will update your site/sites regularly with the content your provide
That’s right, all we need is the content to be on our FTP and we will do everything else from there!

-We will send regular updates to hundreds of affiliates each time your site updates has hundrends of active affiliates who can’t wait to promote new and fresh content!

-We will take care of written content
We have in-house content writers who are ready to write titles and descriptions for your videos and photo sets!

-We will create FHGs and FHVs from your videos and photo sets
After your upload a gallery of video, we will create simple, but yet powerful free hosted galleries or videos!


We we need from you:

-Regular updates!
For a new paysite to work out good, it needs at least weekly updates, but there’s no limit! You can send us as many videos or photo galleries as you want and we will deal with them as soon as possible!

If you are ready to start your very own adult website with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at as soon as possible!